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Friday, 04 December 2020
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Coral Etiquette

bullet3.gifWhether you swim, snorkel, scuba, or freedive; Corals are colonies of very small animals which may take hundreds of years to form the structures visible today.bullet3.gifDon't  stand on coralbullet3.gifAnchoring is prohibitedbullet3.gifDo NOT touch the coralbullet3.gifAvoid harassing reef lifebullet3.gifAvoid littering 
Whether you swim, snorkel, scuba, or freedive.

Corals are colonies of very small animals which may take hundreds of years to form the structures visible today.

Simply touching corals to see what they feel like can cause the death of an entire colony. Oils from your skin can disturb the delicate mucous membranes which protect the animals from disease. If feeding coral is startled, it retracts for protection and in doing so is unable to feed.

Don't  stand on coral
Don't walk upon or stand on coral, as this can kill the living coral polyps that are the builders of the reef structure. Consider a flotation device (placed under chest) if you're not the best of swimmers and never stand on coral to adjust mask. Swim well and clear of the reef and kick to keep head out without the possibility of kicking the reef, or search for a sandy or coral free shallow place to stand. Don't touch, pickup or hold reef life, and never pull octopus from their habitats.

Anchoring is prohibited
If mooring buoys are not available, use a sand type anchor placed in sand well away from any reef formation and up wind (or tide) from where you want to dive, then allow the boat to drift into position near the reef. Always check that the anchor is well secured in the sand before diving on the reef.

Even experienced divers have at some time in their life accidentally bumped or broken coral, so the inexperienced should be particularly careful.

Do NOT touch the coral
A careless mistake could wipe out a whole community. Coral reefs are the essential breath for a vast and still unknown marine life. The zoothanthellae which live in the coral, provides the essential oxygen for the coral to live and proliferate. Without the algae, the reef would not grow and without the coral, a score of marine organisms would not exist. When coral reefs are foolishly destroyed by the use of chlorine bleach or other deadly chemicals for fishing practices, this kills the algae and corals. When you destroy the coral, you strangle the marine life of its breath and deprive our future children of nourishment from the sea.

Avoid harassing reef life
Reef animals are easily stressed and harassing them can disrupt feeding and mating behavior.

Avoid littering
Litter endangers marine marine life and spoils the reef’natural beauty.Throw litter in a bin or take it back with you.
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08 Jan 2018
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