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Friday, 04 December 2020
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Planning and Marine Park Management Division

Director Of Planning and  Marine Park Management Division
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Planning and Marine Park Management Division are divided to Planning, Development and Corporate Section and Park Management Section. Functions of each section are stated below:

Planning, Development and Corporate Section

  • To locate, choose and defend the interests of Malaysia at the international level pertaining to marine ecosystem management matters.
  • To foster relationship and to implement technical cooperation at the international level pertaining to the marine ecosystem management especially Marine Park management.
  • To study and identify issues relating to the relationships between marine ecosystem management and trade and also matters pertaining to the various Environmental Agreements and World Trade Organization such as Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), Kyoto Protocol.
  • To act as the Focal Point for sponsored project from other countries such as UNDP, UNEP, GEF, World Bank, JICA and DANIDA.
  • To act as the country’s representative for international level committee pertaining to the marine ecosystem management such as the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI).
  • To act as the Focal Point for intergovernmental body project pertaining to Marine Protected Area such as COBSEA (Coordinating Body of South East Asia’s Seas).
  • To be the Sub-component focal point for reef resource for the Global Environmental Facilities (GEF) sponsored project entitled ’Reversing the Environmental Degradation of South China Seas’.
  • To develop and manage the overall planning to achieve the Department's direction, mission and vision.
  • To study the Marine Park policy pertaining to eco-tourism, fisheries, conservation, biodiversity, enforcement, research and international.
  • To coordinate the technical committee meeting  such as the Marine Park and Marine Reserve National Advisory Council, Technical Committee for National Marine Biodiversity and Inventory.
  • To monitor the implementation of main work target of Department.
  • To coordinate Parliament matters including parliament’s questions.
  • To coordinate Cabinet Meeting and cabinet paper.
  • To coordinate foreign delegation visits.
  • To coordinate and monitor all local inter-agency joint venture programmes.
  • To coordinate and publish the Annual Report.
  • To coordinate innovation competition at Department's level.


Park Management Section

  • To manage, monitor and identify interests and activities for the stakeholders and tourists.
  • To develop Marine Park tourism management plan.
  • To collect data related to tourism industry in Marine Park.
  • To be a member of the Federal Tourism Committee and National Tourism Security Committee.
  • To coordinate Tourism Committee Meetings at the State Level.
  • To form and promote best environmental tourism practice to stakeholders, tourism operators and tourists in Marine Park.
  • To determine the criteria and to give environmental recognition to tourism entrepreneurs in Marine Park.
  • To develop Management Plan for each Marine Park including:
    • Activities Zoning System
    • Rehabilitation Programmes
    • Activities Surveillance and Monitoring System
    • Habitat Monitoring System
    • Information and Data Management System
    • Marine Environment and Marine Park Awareness and Education Programmes
    • Research plan and marine environment monitoring system
    • Infrastructure and facility development programmes
    • Human resource capacity building plan
    • carrying capacity
    • Determine and enhancement of habitat economic values
  • To review and update the Marine Park Management Plan after every 5 year.
  • To coordinate the implementation of the reviewed and updated Marine Park Management Plan.
  • To identify the location and habitat in Marine Park area which has conservation, biodiversity and commercial values and to identify the health level of the reef resources.
  • To identify the key indicator species for each specific habitat in terms of its health, biodiversity, endemic or threatened and commercial value.
  • To identify issues and threats for specific habitat in order to get the overall status of marine ecosystem in Marine Park waters.
  • To manage and update the habitat management status base on the existing management plan.
  • To identify potential areas to be gazetted as marine protected areas.






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