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Friday, 04 December 2020
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Project Activities

Conserving Marine Biodiversity through Enhanced Marine Park Management and Inclusive Sustainable Island Development


Project Activities 2007


Mar - June

  • UNDP Project Management Unit established
  • International Chief Technical Advisor (ICTA) confirmed
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • Visit to FRIM-Peat Swamp Project
  • Project Site visits to Redang, Tioman, Sibu and Tinggi Islands
  • Briefing to Director and staffs of Marine Park Section
  • Inception Briefing to stakeholders of 3 state agencies

Jul - Sept

  • Weekly PMU Meetings
  • Established Project Logical Framework and Outcome Indicators
  • Inception Workshop at Tioman

Oct - Dec

  • Established 1st National Steering Committee Meeting
  • Established Tioman Rakan Park



Project Activities 2008


Jan - Mar

  • Procurement for Selection of Consultant
  • Setting up of State Steering Committees and selection of State Coordinators
  • Participation in IYOR 2008 Malaysia
  • Site visit & discussion with school representatives for Awareness Programme
  • Two Project Officers participated in ‘Train the Trainers’ workshop

Apr - June

  • Inception Report published
  • Awareness programs for school children (Coral Reef Camp) started in Redang, Perhentian, Tioman & Sibu-Tinggi
  • Tioman OUR Heritage & launching of Rakan Park Tioman
  • Established SSC Pahang, Terengganu & Johor
  • Microsoft Access training
  • Established policy for stakeholder groups
  • Establishment of Indicators


Jul - Sept

  • Coral Reef Camp (Part 2) with 20 students of S.K. Pulau Redang
  • Beach/reef clean-ups at Redang, Perhentian, Tioman and Tinggi
  • Launched & established policy for Redang Reef Rangers
  • Water quality Monitoring
  • Open Water Scuba course for 11 DMPM staffs & locals from Tinggi Island
  • Research Planning Workshop

Oct - Dec

  • Coral Reef Camp (Part 2) with 80 students from S.K. Pulau Perhentian and 23 students from S.K. Mukut & S.K. Juara, Tioman
  • Reef Check Eco-Diver course for 13 DMPM staffs
  • Open Water Scuba course for 19 locals from Redang & 6 locals from Tioman Island
  • Mate Domestic course for 17 locals from Redang, Tioman & Sibu-Tinggi Island
  • JKKK Redang & Perhentian visit to Tioman Island
  • Yu Besar & Yu Kecil resource survey
  • 2nd NSC meeting



Project Activities 2009


Jan - Mar

  • Appointment of Consultant (University of Malaya Consultancy Unit – UPUM)
  • Site visits with Consultants
  • Coral Reef Camp (Supporting Activities) with 60 students in Redang & Perhentian; 40 students in Tioman
  • Publication of 1st edition of TERUMBU (DMPM Newsletter)
  • Placement of Project Officers at State Offices as Directors

Apr - June

  • Consultants’ Site Visit & socialisation continued
  • Established Tinggi Rakan Park
  • Coral Reef Camp with 60 students from S.K. Pulau Redang and S.K. Pulau Perhentian
  • Save Redang, Love Our Heritage (beach clean-up)
  • COT Clean-ups in Tioman & Aur-Pemanggil
  • 2nd SSC Meetings
  • Mate Domestic course for 11 locals from Redang & Perhentian
  • Policy Meeting between the consultants, DMPM and relevant agencies
  • RTM X-Plorasi shooting in Redang


Jul - Sept

  • Consultants’ Site Visit & socialisation continued
  • Coral Reef Camp with 30 students from S.K. Kg Tekek, Pulau Tioman
  • Buoy Installation Program with Tioman Rakan Park
  • RTM X-Plorasi shooting in Tioman & Sibu-Tinggi
  • 3rd NSC Meeting
  • Mate Domestic course for 20 locals from Redang
  • DMPM Monitoring Program Coordination Meeting
  • Established National Working Committee for Coral Reef Monitoring
  • Policy Workshop (Consultants)
  • User Requirement Study for Marine Park Database

Oct - Dec

  • Appointment of New Project Officers
  • Retreat to Finalise the Marine Park Act draft
  • Mesyuarat SSC kali ke-3
  • Reef Watchers Programme in Tioman
  • 4th NSC Meeting



Aktiviti Projek 2010


Jan - Mar

  • Marine Park Policy Workshop
  • Seminar & Workshop with Resort Operators, Dive & Boat Operators, Rakan Park Members, Local Communities & Agencies in Tioman Island
  • URS Workshop(Terengganu, Pahang, Johor)
  • Discussion on Eco-rating & Marine Park Guide Module Preparation
  • Consultative Committee Discussion for Local Communities (all sites)
  • Business Development Training for Local Communities (all sites)
  • Enforcement Training (Series 1/2010) for 24 DMPM staff

Apr - June

  • Best Practices Training for Resort Operators
  • Seminar on Growth, Equity and Environment: Missing Link Between Academic Research and Policy Matters in Marine Park Areas
  • 1st & 2nd Marine Park Management Plan Development Workshop
  • 4th SSC Meetings





July - Sept

  • 5th NSC Meeting
  • Communication and Awareness Development Training for DMPM Staffs
  • Enforcement Training (Series 2/2010) for 24 DMPM staffs
  • Co-operative Body Establishment Meeting for Local Communities in Tinggi Island
  • Marine and River Water Quality Sampling (all sites)
  • Reef Watchers Training for Local Communities (Redang & Tinggi)
  • Meeting to Discuss on Eco-rating & Marine Park Guide Module Preparation

Oct - Dec

  • Meeting to Discuss on Progress of Marine Park Management Plan Development
  • Mindset Transformation Course
  • Enforcement Training (Series 3/2010) for 24 DMPM staff
  • 5th State Steering Committee Meetings
  • 6th National Steering Committee Meeting



Aktiviti Projek 2011


Jan - Mar

  • Discussion on the preparation of the Snorkeling Guide Module
  • 7th National Steering Committee Meeting
  • Task Force Meeting to Discuss the Sewage Management Issues at Project Sites
  • Workshop on Preparation of Eco-certification Criteria for Resorts and Chalets
  • Co-operative Body Establishment Meeting for Local Communities in Tioman, Redang and Tinggi Island
  • Community Consultative Committee (CCC) Establishment Meeting at Tioman, Redang and Tinggi Island

Apr - June

  • Eco-certification Workshop and Best Practices Training (Series 1/2011) for Tourism Operators in Tioman, Redang and Sibu-Tinggi Island
  • DMPM Enforcement Manual/Guidelines Workshop
  • UNDP Resident Representative Site Visit
  • Marine and River Water Quality Sampling
  • Seminar on Marine Awareness
  • 2nd Communication Plan Development Workshop
  • Enforcement Training & Reef Watchers Orientation Course


July - Sept

  • 8th NSC Meeting
  • Best Tourism Practices Training for Tourism Operators (Series 2/2011)
  • Co-operative Management and Administration Course
  • Marine Park Management Plan Workshop: Generic Action Plans
  • 3rd Communication Plan Development Workshop
  • Workshop to Discuss CCC Activities & Funds
  • Special Course for Newly Established Cooperatives
  • UNDP Associate Administrator Site Visit
  • Marine and River Water Quality Sampling

Oct - Dec

  • Workshop to Discuss the Investment of the Conservation Trust Fund Proposal and Collection of Conservation Fees Proposal
  • Meeting with Sarawak Planning Unit (SPU)
  • Nature Guide Course for Tioman Local Community
  • English for Hotel and Hospitality Training (Tioman & Tinggi)
  • Tioman Cooperative Roadshow
  • Seminar on Introduction to Marine Park Management Plan: The Great Barrier Reef Experience
  • Meeting to Present the Proposed Eco-Certification Scheme




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