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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island) is the largest in a group of nine islands (Pulau Tioman, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Labas, Pulau Sepoi, Pulau Seri Buat, Pulau Tokong Bahara, Pulau Gut, Pulau Cebeh and Pulau Sembilang) that form the Tioman Marine Park. Located about 32 nautical miles east from Tanjung Gemuk, Pahang, the island group and its surrounding waters was gazetted as a Marine Park in 1994 under the Fisheries Act  985 (Amended 1993). In addition, five other islands, i.e. Pulau Renggis, Pulau Tumok, Pulau Soyak, Pulau Tasu and Pulau Raja, also fall within the park boundaries.          
Maklumat Pulau Tioman
Marine Park Centre

Sightseeing and Things To Do

How To Get There?
Pulau Tioman Island itself is approximately 19 km long and about 11 km wide. The island has a coastline of about 69 km, of which 29 km (42%) consists of sandy beaches while the remaining 58% is made up of cliffs and rocky headlands. Most of the sandy beaches are found on its west coast, particularly between Tanjung Berhala and Tanjung Mesoh. Small stretches are also found at Kg. Juara and Kg. Mukut, in the eastern and southern part of the island.
The island is dominated by granitite boulders-beds, which give rise to rocky structures such as exposed granite rocks with a thin overlay of soil. Exposed boulders are found along the coast at Kampung Paya, Batu Sirau (747m), Nenek Si Mukut (685m) and at several other places along the trail to the summit of Gunung Kajang, which has the highest peak at 1,030 meters.
The climate of the island group is typically hot and humid all year round. The temperature rarely drops below 20°C even at night, and usually reaches 30°C or more during the day. Humidity is generally about 90%. The monsoon season is between Novembers until March. During this time there is heavy rainfall and the surrounding seas are rough, making the island group almost inaccessible by boat.
The main economic activity on the island is tourism. Tourism development is concentrated mainly on the western side of Pulau Tioman, from Kg. Air Batang down south to Kg. Tekek/Tanjung Said and Tanjung Permata.
Pulau Tioman is moderately populated, with at least 9 villages and roughly 3,000 residents who live and work on the island mainly as fishermen and resort employees among others. During height of the tourist season, visitors often out-number residents.
:: Marine Park Centre
Facilities and Services
Toilet and wash facilities, picnic tables and barbeque pits are provided at selected sites. A jetty at the visitors centre allows boats to come along shore. The park management provides mooring buoys over coral reefs to allow for snorkelling and diving boats. Visitors can shop for small items of food and drinks at the village shops. For hiring of diving equipment and filling of air tanks, visitors can enquire at the respective dive shops.
Anchorage areas
To avoid destruction of corals by anchoring activities, vessels are only allowed to anchor within designated areas.
Mooring buoys

The park managers provide mooring buoys over the coral reef areas to allow for mooring of boats.


:: Sightseeing and Things To Do

The Magicienne Rock which is another submerged reef is located north of Pulau Tioman and lies in 10m of water. It is rarely visited which makes it worthwhile to dive where giant manta rays have been sighted. A trip to the few outlying islands from Pulau Tioman namely Pulau Tokong Bahara and Pulau Gut is very rewarding as they offer the best of nature's unsploit reefs.


:: How to Get There
There is an airstrip in Pulau Tioman. Berjaya Air flies twice daily to the island from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
Land and sea
The main staging points to the Tioman Marine Park are Tanjung Gemuk (in Pahang) and Mersing (Johor). Scheduled ferry services (21⁄2 hour journey) from the Tanjung Gemuk or Mersing jetties link to Pulau Tioman on a daily basis. Express bus services from major towns and cities to these two points are also readily available. The major routes are as follows:
• From Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Gemok Jetty or Mersing Jetty (51⁄2 hours journey).
• From Singapore to Tanjung Gemok Jetty or Mersing Jetty (21⁄2 hours journey).
Visitor centre
While at the park vicinity, do stop by at the Marine Park Centre and allow us to assist in your orientation and to provide you with all necessary information to organise your visit and make it an enjoyable one. Interpretation of the island group and surrounding waters in the form of exhibits, maps, brochures, video shows and talks to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of the marine and island biodiversity are available at the centre.


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