Sanctuaries or protected / conservation areas are spaces determined by geographical boundaries that are clearly defined, certified, dedicated and managed in terms of law and other effective methods, to achieve long-term environmental conservation goals that are complete with ecosystem functions and cultural values related.

As referred to the IUCN, inland fishery sanctuaries are under the fourth (iv) list of Habitat / Species Management Area categorised as land or ocean areas that are actively intervened or managed to preserve the habitat functions or to meet certain species requirements.

  1. Perlis – Timah Tasoh, Padang Besar Freshwater Fish Santuary
  2. Perak –
    • Tasik Raban Santuary
    • Bukit Merah Arowana Santuary
  3. Selangor – Sungai Chiling, Hulu Selangor Fish Sancutary
  4. Johor – Gunung Belumut Forest Eco Park, Kluang Fish Conservation Zone
  5. Pahang –
    • Kampung Kuala Serau, Lipis Fisheries Sanctuary
    • Kuala Sat, Jerantut Fisheries Sanctuary
    • Kampung Lubuk Kulit, Lipis Fisheries Sanctuary
  6. Terengganu –
    • Kg. Pelong, Setiu Mahseer Conservation Tourism Park
    • Sungai Loh, Dungun Fisheries Biodiversity Park
    • Sungai Petang, Hulu Terengganu Mahseer Sanctuary
  7. Kelantan –
    • Jeram Mengaji, Pasir Puteh Fish Sanctuary

The main purpose of sanctuaries establishments is to provide a conservation/protected area for local fish species such as Mahseer and Copper Mahseer which are declining nowadays. These sanctuaries serve as natural habitats and breeding grounds for these fish species through the overflow of various species and sizes of fish along the river. The establishment of the sanctuaries are also joint ventures with other agencies such as the Forestry Department, Wildlife Department and others.

  1. Fishing or angling activities
  2. Carry any type of angling or fishing gear in prohibited areas
  3. Littering



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