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Segari Conservation and Information Center is a turtle conservation center located in Perak. The selection of Pasir Panjang, Segari area as a Turtle Conservation Center is very accurate because until now there are still turtles landing and their eggs have been collected to hatch in the hacheri. The development of this center has received strong support from the Perak State Government and also the Federal Government.

Most of Segari TCIC’s operating costs are funded from the State Government allocation while the Federal Government provides assistance for central development projects. This center has become a major tourist destination for tourists from within and outside the country who visit Perak. The Government is also in the process of opening another Turtle Conservation and Information Center in Teluk Ketapang, Pangkor Island.

There is only 1 species of turtle that landed in Pasir Panjang, namely Green Turtle. However, you still have the opportunity to see other species namely Olive Ridley Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles that are in the exhibition pool at this center. Segari TCIC is open daily from 8.00 am to 5 pm.

Perak is one of the states in Malaysia that has turtle landings on its beaches. A site suitability study for the Turtle Hatchery Center began in mid-1989 in collaboration with the Fisheries Research Institute Malaysia and the WWF. The center was first established in 1990 with a site area of ​​0.1 ha. In 1992, the State Government approved this central area to 5.5 acres on the reserves of the Department of Fisheries.

In 2016, the Perak State Government approved the 11th Malaysia Plan Development allocation of RM 1.15 million for the purpose of building a new building for the Segari Turtle Conservation Center. This project was implemented by JKR Perak starting with the preparation of design plan and tender call. Construction work was expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Segari TCIC is located in the coastal area of ​​Pantai Pasir Panjang. This beach is very beautiful and can be visited by tourists. The beach is clean and has a pretty sunset view. Pantai Remis is located 15 minutes from the center. Apart from Pantai Remis, visitors can also visit Pantai Teluk Rubiah which is located about 40 minutes from the Center. Visitors who intend to go to Pangkor Island can rent a boat from Lumut Jetty which is located about 45 minutes from this Center via Changkat Jering-Seri Manjung Road.

The facilities available at Segari TCIC are as follows:

  • Visitors Hall
  • Marine Observation Building
  • Information Center
  • Adult Turtle Pool
  • Baby Turtle Hatchery Tank
  • Hatchery Site
  • Muslim Prayer Room
  • Toilet

Visitors who come must first register at the Visitor Hall and will be briefed by the staff on duty before being taken to the exhibition section.

For visitors who wish to stay, you are recommended to go to the area of ​​Pantai Teluk Batik, Lumut Jetty or Pantai Teluk Rubiah because there are many resorts and chalets to stay there. There is also a selection of restaurants to enjoy seafood dishes in the areas.

The main activities carried out at this Center include the following tasks.

Tutle eggs collection:

The task of collecting turtle eggs is handed over by contract to a local Contractor authorized by the Director of Fisheries of Perak. All turtle eggs collected are handed over each morning to staff at the Center and recorded for payment purposes. Each egg sent will be paid at RM2.00/egg.

The Center Staff also carried out the work of collecting turtle eggs as well as monitoring the turtle landing area along the coast of Pasir Panjang, Segari using beach motor vehicles (beach motocycle). Turtle nests and the number of eggs found will be recorded and taken to the hatchery to be planted for hatching purposes.

Incubation/tutle eggs hatching (hatchery):

All turtle eggs received from the Contractor or found by the Officer will be planted immediately at the hatchery site. The work of making the nest, the number of eggs planted and the recording method is carried out by the Officer who has received special training from the Department of Fisheries. Turtle eggs will hatch within 60 to 80 days.

Rearing/nursing baby turtles:

Newly hatched baby turtles will be transferred to a nursing tank for health and fitness observation purposes. Throughout the day, the baby turtles are fed fish fillets as a source of protein for growth and fitness. Baby turtles are reared for 7 days until they reach the appropriate size before being released into the sea.

Releasing baby turtles:

The baby turtles that successfully pass the nursing period will be isolated and taken to the beach to be released into the sea. Release work is done in the early morning or late afternoon for the comfort of the baby turtle and safety when in the original habitat.

Turtle release activities are usually done simultaneously with the VVIP or school student visit program for the purpose of publicity and turtle conservation awareness. The number of baby turtles released was also recorded by the staff.

Rearing turtle at pool:

Currently there are 22 Green Turtles (Cylonia mydas) kept in the pool at Segari Turtle Center. The turtle has been preserved since the establishment of the center in 1990. These turtles feed on fish and vegetables as a daily diet for the growth and fitness of the turtle.

The staffs clean the turtle pool daily and change seawater to replace dirty water. These turtles are kept for the purpose of study and tourist attraction visiting the Center.

Briefings to tourists/visitors:

Currently there are two facilities used to provide information about the Sea Turtle Center to visitors and/or tourists. Brief descriptions are usually made in the Gallery showcasing the history, biology and turtle conservation activities. Visitors will be taken to the hatchery area and turtle pool and will be given information by the officer on duty.

The Briefing Room is used to brief visitors or VVIPs who come to visit. Briefings are made using IT facilities such as computers and LCD Projectors. The Briefing Room is also used for the purpose of meetings and fieldwork by research officers.

Activities for visitors:

For interested visitors, you can follow the activities organized by the Center according to the schedule set as follows:

  • Beach cleaning
  • Turtle Pool cleaning
  • Center area cleaning
  • Planting of Ambong-ambong tree (Scaevola taccada)
  • Releasing baby turtles
  • Awareness Program
  • Camping activities
  • Turtle Travel at night

By Land Road

Segari TCIC is located on the beaches of Pasir Panjang, Segari, Manjung, Perak. The distance from Lumut is 30 km and from Remis Beach is about 15 km. This center can be reached by road which is Jalan Lumut-Taiping and then via PLB road to Pasir Panjang beach. Adjacent to this Center is the Baitulhilal Building (a place to see the crescent moon) belonging to the Perak Islamic Religious Council & Malay Customs.

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PKPP Segari

PKPP Segari


Pasir Panjang, Segari,
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If you intend to participate in programs such as beach or center cleaning activities, please bring appropriate clothing for activities and clean clothes for dressing. Happy activities!

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