The Turtle Conservation and Information Centre (TCIC) was built by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia and managed by the State Fisheries Office. It is a centre for information, learning, shelter, hatching and research on turtles. The centre is also used as a treatment centre for turtles that are found stranded and injured.

The steps to conserve turtles include:

  • Do not eat turtle eggs
  • Do not disturb turtles during laying eggs
  • Do not disturb baby turtles departing into the sea
  • Do not buy handicrafts/souvenirs made from turtles
  • Do not throw rubbish on the beach/sea/river
  • Do not throw nets/trawls/fishing rods into the sea
  • Support turtle conservation activities carried out in Malaysia
  • Contact the Department of Fisheries Malaysia at 03-8888 5019 if there are stranded turtles

The main objectives of the centres are:

  • Conserve and protect turtle landing areas.
  • Regulate turtle egg collection activities from natural turtle nests.
  • Collect, gather and bury turtle eggs at hatchery sites for hatching purposes.
  • Preserve and nurture baby turtles until they are at the right size to be released into the sea (original habital).
  • Conduct scientific studies on turtles involving research officers from within and outside the country.
  • Raise awareness about turtle conservation to all walks of life.
  • Make the Turtle Conservation and Information Centre a tourist attraction.

Turtle Conservation and Information Centre was established in 1985. There are six (6) turtle conservation centres and one (1) turtle showroom throughout peninsular Malaysia, namely:

  • Pantai Kerachut, Pulau Pinang Turtle Conservation & Information Centre
  • Segari, Perak Turtle Conservation & Information Center
  • Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Turtle Showroom, Fish Ornamental Centre
  • Padang Kemunting, Melaka Turtle Conservation & Information Centre
  • Cherating, Pahang Turtle Conservation & Information Centre
  • Rantau Abang Turtle Conservation & Information Centre

Landing of Turtles Statistic in Malaysia (2000-2020)

Incubation of Sea Turtle Eggs Statistic in Malaysia (2000-2020)

Hatching of Sea Turtles Statistic in Malaysia (2000-2020)

This center is used as a reference centre by the public about turtle species.

Among the importance and functions of the center are as follows: –

  • Turtle Beach Management and Monitoring
  • Turtle Population Monitoring
  • Hatching and Release
  • Regulation and Enforcement
  • Education and Public Awareness
  • Research


Among the prohibited activities are:

  • Teasing / touching the turtle on display
  • Making noise
  • Dispose of trash
  • Invading restricted areas


Among the allowed activities are:

  • Take pictures inside turtle conservation and information centres and in permitted areas
  • View exhibitions about turtles in the showroom
  • Participate in activities to release baby turtles into the sea or any turtle conservation awareness programme organised by the centre / State Department of Fisheries
  • Joining the beach area cleaning programme, turtle centre and exhibition pool cleaning



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